the 39 Days of July Cowichan Summer Festival Countdown and new DONATE possibilities

well as I write this, there are 38 days left till the 39 Days of July starts up on June 26th ...yahooo...39 days of 'free to the public' musical entertainment from noon till 8pm in the train station parking lot for over 5 weeks and extra concerts in City Square on 5 of those Wednesday nights as well...we is excited....and during this, there will still be some concerts taking place in the Duncan know, a taster in the park then an all out intimate show in the Showroom at 9:30pm...soooo cool this summer festival thang.
and also....we have added a 'donate ' button on our web site just down from the link for our ustream channel....yes, thru paypal, you can still donate the ticket price of a concert while you sit in the luxury of your own house....and it helps keep us alive,
so even if you if just want to donate monies to help our cause you can do it through this method....simple, easy and so graciously accepted

till later....
enjoy life
thru music

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