this is how we are going forward

We are open to the public as a listening venue once again with the necessary requirements of a vaccine passport  / picture ID and that masks be worn at all times upon entry.

Shows most often start at 7:30pm…


Maintaining the Duncan Showroom's existance

over our 16 years of being open as an all ages venue, yes, we have had our hand out to the community to aid us in staying open

it is the nature of the arts to be subsidized somehow, and…


Duncan Showroom Arrears Campaign

The building that the houses the Duncan Showroom Downstairs and Upstairs has been put up for sale ($495,000 firm)  
It  come  with us. 
We have a written lease as tenants for 3-1/2 more years with a verbal option for 5…


Dec. 18th 3-11pm Food Basket Benefit

we is broadcasting this all day this year with hopes that we can become like a 'telethon'
like you can watch and donate on line like the big tv specials...only this is for our local food bank....let's test out the…

Duncan Showroom downstairs


Things I live by: 

Upon seeing light at the end of the tunnel … do order more tunnel 

 When treading on thin ice, you might as well dance 
Having just turned 65, I decided that I needed…


so near to 2015

how is it December already...? well we is ready...lots of entertainment scheduled for your approval right up and into April 2015...yes we plan on being here for a long well as a good time...haha
raining muchly these next couple…

better to start somewhere

yep.... this is the beginning of the rants/updates/and any pertinent news I feel like sharing and where it will happen....Newfie guys tonite...acoustic I presume and somehow insights to the island life will creep thru I am sure....Friday has David Gogo…