so near to 2015

how is it December already...? well we is ready...lots of entertainment scheduled for your approval right up and into April 2015...yes we plan on being here for a long well as a good time...haha
raining muchly these next couple of days, makes a fine time to catch music....Blues Tuesday  with great players sittin in....Wed. with Gals Who Write Songs hosted by Beverley McKeen struts the abilities of various singer songwriters of the gal pursuasion ,on Thursday Melissa Ruth and Cameron Gunn brings us into songwriting once again...both proficient in their trade...Friday has PixElle returning, attempting to raise some monies for a new cd...and late Friday nite has Shirley Gnome for a special comedy treat...Sat gets us Sarah Scouten  doing her cross country tour and then David Gogo's acoustic blues show on Sunday nite....soo much going on....7 nights a week mostly join us for an evening of fun musical times

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