The Gathering of Toilet Paper for 2022 Benefit

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The Duncan Showroom, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

We are that time of year once again when we want to remind as many as possible that the simple commodity that we are so accustomed to, toilet paper, is not always that readily available to certain low income peoples. Imagine having to decide if its monies spent on toilet paper over food in a household with children. Situations such as this create much stress, something not needed by someone down on their luck, especially going into the new year where most of us look forward to a new and prosperous upcoming time of it.

Various local musicians are willing to join us in putting together a ‘telethon’ style event where people can tune in on line and donate financially, just like the days of Monte Hall’s momentous fund raising benefits. Or you can bring packages of TP to the Showroom and be part of the live audience on the day of. Those monies received will buy bulk TP and be delivered to the food bank for distribution in the beginning of the New Year. You know, letting peeps truly feel like they have their ‘shit ‘together going into 2022

becoming part of the solution

9:30pm TBA 9pm Cara McCandless
8:30pm Dennis Atkins 8pm Hardware Girls 7:30pm Malakai 7pm Naomi Payan 6:30pm James Meyer 6pm Amanda Nixon 5:30pm Simon Sayz 5pm Brian Gaucci 4:30pm John Stewart 4pm Lindsay Elizabeth 3:30pm TBA 3pm Jim Scales