Maintaining the Duncan Showroom's existance

over our 16 years of being open as an all ages venue, yes, we have had our hand out to the community to aid us in staying open

it is the nature of the arts to be subsidized somehow, and our tax dollars do have an arts component allotted and we are not included in that allotment as a private business

but this is not your regular theatre

we believe in a venue for new material to be heard, original music to be performed, boundaries  to be pushed and all in a 'hip' fashion

we have been open for 16 years so it must have some value to the community and yet it remains a financial struggle to stay a viable venue....and so we always sit with our hands out hoping patrons of the arts as well audience choose to maintain the Duncan Showroom's existence

we have a supporter in Marsha Todd who has given us $5000 just in the last 3 months( she attends as many shows as she wants and trust me she has been satisfied more than enough with the calibre of the entertainment)), another donor of $5000 in the early spring wishes to remain anonymous as does the $8,000   and the 3- $2000 donors towards our arrears fund drive in the late spring....someone has decided to donate $30 a month ongoing on our paypal it seems we are on the road to stability but we actually need more than we are way to solve this problem is for people to take more chances on the entertainment we provide by attending those lesser known performers

the other way is to just donate extra monies to the cause....none of us getting rich here , actually continuing to go in the hole......but we believe in what we do for the community is worth it, we hope you do as well