Cowichan's Community Centre

Duncan Showroom

131 Station Street
-ground floor-

Duncan Showroom

133 Station Street
-24 stairs to paradise-

located in the heart of downtown Duncan

'it's all about the music'    
    Our heart lies in the attentive audience experience and we are revered for creating and maintaining one of the finest intimate showcase venues in the local / provincial / national and international Canadian music scene for over 14 years. We do believe we have had and will continue to have a positive effect on live entertainment production standards for Canadian venues and we do trust that our endeavours are appreciated by our audiences and performers alike. 


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You enter these premises with the understanding that 
-these are non-alcohol venues,
that means no alcohol allowed on premises, please...
inebriated patrons will be asked to leave
-we reserve the right to refuse entry






Longevity John
Duncan Showroom    250-748-7246 (RAIN)


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Duncan Showroom Arrears Campaign 

The building that the houses the Duncan Showroom Downstairs and Upstairs has been put up for sale ($495,000 firm)  
It  come  with us. 
We have a written lease as tenants for 3-1/2 more years with a verbal option for 5 more..... 
This lease is legal only if our lease is in good standing. 
We knew when we started off with nothing,  we were going to need financial help to get us through and  this next hurdle  is one of those on the way. 
We do believe what we do is needed not only in our community but as an…

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Previous events


Burger & Band Benefit /Gala Schedule Program Launch in City Square for the 39 Days of July

 —  —

Duncan City Square

buy a burger created by Bill Jones …ticket for $20

music with with Sam Weber Band / Harry Hull


Rosie Bitts and the Dirty Boys

the new Duncan Showroom-downstairs, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

Step into an era of glamour, romance, and heartache. Rosie Bitts and the Dirty Boys create a show beyond just good jazz, blues and torch songs.

A show that makes you believe you’ve stepped into a different time.

This night is filled with great live music, witty banter and very sexy Burlesque! do give us a try

Starring: Rosie Bitts and The Dirty Boys- Jeff Poynter, Nick Mintenko, Alex Campbell

$25 door $20 advance


Due to confusion in booking procedure this concert will not be happening on this tour- Lonely Hearstring Band

the new Duncan Showroom-downstairs, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

yes, in this day and age, confusion can set in when musical bookings take place ...both the Lonely Heartstring Band and the Duncan Showroom Production crews are both bummed at this present out come and we will reschedule a performance on their next tour to the island

bluegrass is an awesome collection of very fine acoustic driven instrumentation usually with those high and lonesome vocals and harmonies added in....

songs you have heard over the years approached in this bluegrassy feel

these guys who all met in Boston at school have formed one of North America's premiere touring new bluegrassers

as it turns out they have performed in Duncan 5 times in the last 3 years...and not in Toronto nor Montreal nor Winnipeg or Calgary yet

yes, we is the cultural capital of Canada..

you saw them for free at the 39 Days of July and now is time to be one of those 60 lucky people who get to be audience members to a most memorable evening of acoustic music at the Duncan Showroom

$30 door $25advance


Wes Carroll's Confabulation

the new Duncan Showroom-downstairs, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

The Wes Carroll Confabulation walks the tight-rope, balancing detailed arrangements with the power of spontaneity.

Since early 2015, they have honed their unique blend: stretching out into a world of hip-hop grooves, soul and electricity, while not losing their footing in jazz.

Sharing the front of the stage of this five-piece band is power-house trumpeter Miguelito Valdes, well known for his work with the Buena Vista Social Club.

$25 door $20 advance


Duck Creak

the new Duncan Showroom-downstairs, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

Duck Creak is a collaboration of three singer-songwriters, Bruce Everett, Donn Tarris and Ken Lunn.

All Salt Spring Island locals, they have a combined total of 190 years of living under their belts and thus they are also known as the ‘Creakin’ Ducks joining them to make the full band will be Valdy on bass and Laurent Boucher on drums

a wonderful experience for all

$25 door $20 advance


Rhythm of Soul

the new Duncan Showroom-downstairs, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

Rhythm of Soul is bringing you an eclectic assortment of covers by artists such as Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse, Supertramp, & Esperanza Spalding & more, plus some original contemporary jazz/Soul material.

Formed from the rhythm section of Nick LaRiviere’s Soul Source R&B Band, Rhythm of Soul has been a group years in the making.

Alli Bean - Lead Vocals & Keyboards Corey Fenster - Guitar Benjamin James-Groom - Backup Vocals & Drums Lindsay Ward - Backup Vocals & Bass

$15 door $12 advance



the new Duncan Showroom-downstairs, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

Lowell Friesen & Lancen Harms team up to bring you a tasty combination of familial harmonies, sprightly acoustic interplay and poetic lyrical license.

The uncle & nephew duo combine a love of whimsy and folklore in their original compositions, held together with arrangements featuring playful acoustic riffs and lonely banjo

$15 door $12 advance