40th Day of July - one more kick at the can for summer

Duncan City Square

After having gone from a 16 day to a 31 day festival then to the 39 Days of July way back in 2011, we were asked each year if we were going to make it a longer festival.

Well about 6 years ago we figured we could add a 40th day but not until the Sunday of Labour Day weekend in September, you know, one more kick at the can for the endless summer

And we hold it in City Square to make it easier on all the crew

3pm – Schayde Gray

3:30pm – Steve Cutler

4pm –Leenie Beenie

4:30pm –Lip Forest

5pm Amanda Movio

6pm Malakai

7pm Tai Williams

8pm Braden Gates

9pm Funky Lowdown

by donation