Nights of Grief & Mystery - Safe & Sound Salons with Stephen Jenkinson and Gregory Hoskins

The Duncan Showroom, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

Stephen and Gregory are doing a safe and sound tour as only a duet this time around.

his latest book, A Generation’s Worth: Spirit work while the crisis reigns. will answer some questions needed to be asked

-If truth has been personalized – and it has – and if we’ve turned from organized religion – and we have – then what we have left is the Disorganized Religion of the One True Self. And now we have a plague. So: what is a generation of elders untested by real adversity worth to their juniors in a time of plague? What is a life’s work undertaken in peacetime mean for plaguetime? Who are strangers to you now? A problem to solve? A contamination that awaits? What’s the spirit etiquette of strangerhood?

$22 plus tax details on how to buy to follow 250-597-1554 for to 50 doors open at 6:30pm ends around 8:30pm