FAI unlocked -live streaming

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The Duncan Showroom, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

Folk Alliance International has a yearly conference that draws upwards of 3000 presenters/producers/performers in the 'folk' genre gathering for 4-5 days.....total folk pandemonium with private showcases not starting till 10pm in the evening and going till 3am for four nights in 4 floors of at least 25-30 rooms per floor....

but alas, COVID has changed the plans this year and virtual it must be

FAI 'unlocked' is the option to the hotel private showcases this year.... from feb. 22nd thru feb. 25th we will be recording as well as sending out live streams from the DCFS 39 Days of July / Duncan Showroom sponsored Showcase Room

musicians that are our alumni or soon will be, those we believe should be heard

Quin With One N 4:45-5:25 PST

Nightingale 530-5:55 PST

Leenie Beenie 5:00-5:25 PST

Low Down Brass Band 5:30-5:55 PST

Buckman Coe 6:00-6:25 PST

Tamara Ilana 6:30-655 PST

Tom Van Dursen 7:00-7:25 PST

thanks 7:30-7:45 PST