Longevity John's 21st Annual 50th Birthday Party

The Duncan Showroom, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

yep, that time of year again and this one is a milestone I never expected but am glad I got this far turning the big 70

musical treats to start at 4:30pm at the Showroom and broadcast live

so far it looks like this mostly people I want to stay around for another 20 years to see where their music takes them

4:30pm Amanda Nixon 5pm Jared Popma 5:30pm Zoe Lauckner 6pm James Meyer 6:30pm Veronica Meyer 7pm Jack Porter
7:30pm Malakai 8pm Brian Gauci / Scott Owen 8:30pm Hi Kommand
9pm Nightingale and friends

by donation to keep the Showroom open