Langley Ukulele Ensemble Senior B

Duncan Showroom, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

kids from Langley ages 10-14 that play ukulele and sing in multiple harmonies. These kids have earned a coveted spot in this honor group and meet for 4 hours a week of practice as well as they practice at home on their own.

The Langley Ukulele Ensemble has been active for 36 years in Langley. The association has 4 levels. The Youngest starting at age 8 going all the way up to 19 years old. The oldest Ensemble our Senior A group is world renowned and travels each year to Hawaii to play as well as many other places such as the Halifax Tattoo and Stratford Music Festival in Ontario.

they have a 30-45 minute set that involves some audience participation and a variety of types of songs that they feel would be a nice fit for our facility

$15 door