the new Duncan Showroom-downstairs, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

Resonance is the sound of landscape. All physical bodies emit vibrations. however small. The reflection of Earth’s vibrations on our inner neural space gives birth to a microcosm of melodic and rhythmic possibilities. Exploring this space and channeling it into a message is our mission. This story, told through the music of Resonance, is a tale to remind us of our surroundings and their vital importance to our existence.

Resonance is David Velasquez Santana, Alex Campbell, and Louis Rudner. They are Based in Victoria, BC Canada and are generating their own breed of Art Jazz Rock inspired by the natural beauty of the Island they all call home. Currently the band is developing material and preparing to record their debut CD.

creating a 'live' video tonite....

do join them

$10 door