The Good Show

the new Duncan Showroom-downstairs, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

…“Celebrating the 21st year of my time on this planet” - Patrick Dixon

Lineup looks something like..

-Donny Kartz

  • The Wiseguy

  • Patrick Dixon with Vibrant Visuals Yes! This is a collaboration. You’ve never seen anything so intense, so moving.

There is no genre that could identify this. No words to describe.

Just sit back, and listen.

  • PABLO PABLO aka Damon Bysterveld, aims to bring something different to the table. Formerly of Dixon Space, and Divine Architectures - they've formed an entirely new identity, in a new city, in a new genre. Bringing his eclectic, energetic electronic show to debut in the Showroom, with these deep house vibes & alien space bass, PABLO will leave you dancing the night away.

$17 door $15 advance