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Duncan Showroom
133 Station Street
24 stairs to musical paradise
located in the heart of downtown Duncan
(the old Phad Thai / Funky Bubble / Emerald Palace and once even a pool hall.)
    Our heart lies in the attentive audience experience and we are revered for creating and maintaining one of the finest intimate showcase venues in the local / provincial / national and international Canadian music scene for over 12 years.

   In May of 2014, after 10 years at the Duncan Garage, serendipitous synchronicity stepped in, as always, and allowed us to manifest the next  musical venture, the new Duncan Showroom-upstairs and the word is out that we are now an even more of a special space than our previous location. Visually it feels more open, yet maintaining that same intimacy with the attention to detail we are known for. The sound is said to be even better if possible, thanks in a great part to the latest edition to the Duncan Showroom crew, former owner/operator/janitor from the late Lay Back Lounge in Harrison Hot Springs, Tim- aka Dr Ted Cadillac. His wealth of technical knowledge, his bright shining attitude and his desire to think outside the box are a most welcome addition.

    We do believe we have had and will continue to have a positive effect on live entertainment production standards for Canadian venues and we do trust that our endeavours are appreciated by our audiences and performers alike. 

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should you wish to donate the ticket price to the concerts you watch
or are just willing to donate to help keep us keep afloat in this audacious vision
there is a paypal donate button for yours and our convenience just further down this page
thank you for your generosity  

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Duncan Showroom

Things I live by:

Upon seeing light at the end of the tunnel … do order more tunnel

 When treading on thin ice, you might as well dance
Having just turned 65, I decided that I needed to pursue my dreams and visions with even more intensity and gusto than previously mustered. This is how I see it:
  As the community based business downstairs from the Duncan Showroom at 129/131 Station Street will be leaving end of September, the opportunity to expand our potential outreach is within our grasp. Taking advantage of this situation allows us:
-ground level access for elders / handicapped / special needs / youth audiences for various educational inclusive programming and concerts 
-opportunity for a dance floor in downtown Duncan for appropriate productions
- a venue for private rentals that can be catered if required
-an opportunity to create local employment through our daily café
My sense of community acknowledges that arts and cultural development needs happen at a grass roots level and that for over 12 years the Showroom experiences have shown that we are capable of fulfilling those requirements by providing:
-an all ages venue   
-affordable costs to the participants,
-a committed creative production staff
- a full professional back line for all to use

    A huge endeavour all of this is and a big increase in monthly rental requirements / hydro / insurance costs….but I believe it is worth it….for the true value of community.
Yes, the Duncan Showroom -upstairs would still be open and available for meetings / theatre / recording purposes / live streams on our very own Duncan Showroom Internet TV and for private functions as well. We have created a gem, recognized by many a touring musician and audience members as to the specialness of this particular venue. We will find the ways to maintain its existence  
   With the positive results from our involvement in the 4th annual 39 Days of July Cowichan Summer Festival still in the air, our diverse programming appeared to prove what can happen when music is served up in an inclusive fashion. We all discovered our neighbours and found we do live in ‘a rather fun place to be’ .
   As many will attest, this Showroom experience has and will continue to benefit us all and can be a template for other communities to follow.
Please help us along financially if possible
Duncan Showroom
You enter these premises with the understanding that
-this venue is about the attentive audience experience…
ie: please, out of respect for the performer and the performance,
we ask for no talking/chatting during the performances,
no matter how much you deem it necessary…
silence is golden
-this is a non-alcohol venue,
that means no alcohol allowed on premises, please
inebriated patrons will be asked to leave
-we reserve the right to refuse entry
Thank you


  We are going to have fun and trust we will see most of you
and remember

 Longevity John’s Finger Snappin’ Toe Tappin’ Money Back Guarantee…

 …if you do not like the music within the first ½ hour of the performance, your money will gladly be refunded  BUT…
should I or any of my spotters take note that you were seen snapping your fingers, tapping your toes
or making any of those absurd air band facial contortions…
this guarantee becomes null and void…thank you





Longevity John
Duncan Showroom    250-748-7246 (RAIN)


the 39 Days of July Cowichan Summer Festival Countdown and new DONATE possibilities 

well as I write this, there are 38 days left till the 39 Days of July starts up on June 26th ...yahooo...39 days of 'free to the public' musical entertainment from noon till 8pm in the train station parking lot for over 5 weeks and extra concerts in City Square on 5 of those Wednesday nights as well...we is excited....and during this, there will still be some concerts taking place in the Duncan Showroom....you know, a taster in the park then an all out intimate show in the Showroom at 9:30pm...soooo cool… Read more

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Dress Rehearsal Tuesdays - open mic nite

the new Duncan Showroom, 133 Station Street, Duncan BC

a chance for people to come forward and use the stage to start off their career, practice old or new material, get your legs on your 10,000 hour journey to perfection...it is all about fun....3 songs each...$5 for everyone




the new Duncan Showroom, 133 Station Street, Duncan BC

eclectic, electric-psychedelic, groovy, rock n roll, dance music....although we do not have a dance floor, we might take this show downstairs to test that new dance floor down there.....now that would be an idea...do let us know if you want to come along for the evening... $15 door $12 advance




Towers and Trees

the new Duncan Showroom, 133 Station Street, Duncan BC

one of the best indie rock bands I have had the chance to witness...a collection of veteran rock road warriors that have produced a sound that is the coolest out there...a new CD just released, I expect things to go real well for this Vancouver Island band $20 door $15 advance



Art Napoleon

the new Duncan Showroom, 133 Station Street, Duncan BC

TV producer/songwriter/adventurer/wild game foodie...weekend shape-shifter and extreme berry picker. in concert...this gentle man has that first nation sense of humour that is inclusive....means you are a friend if you are joked or prodded with wit...he brings along Martyn Jones to accompany him on guitar/bass and back-up vocals

you will enjoy this journey...trust me (also has a food show on $20 door $15 advance www.artnapoleon.com